Build your own video on demand server easy, fast and simple

Downloading vs video streaming


  • Need to download the entire file to play video
  • Anyone can save as a file and play later

Progressive download

  • Start almost immediately without need to download the entire file
  • Anyone can save as a file and play later
  • Can not perform seek

Video streaming

  • Start immediately without need to download the entire file
  • It is not easy to save as a file and play later
  • Can perform seek

Recently, there is a project that requires us to host the videos ourselves. The video must play immediately, offer multiple resolutions and playable on mobile too. Putting the mp4 file into HTML 5 player is not a solution because when we perform seek, the player often shows loading indicator and keep frozen.

We realize we need a true video streaming. There are two kinds of video streaming, more precisely we need on-demand video streaming. We found that nginx server has RTMP plugin. RTMP is from Adobe, it requires flash player. Unfortunately, iOS no longer support flash and we do not like to ask visitors to install flash.

There is another video streaming standard, HLS from Apple. Nginx support HLS Live, but we do not need it, we need the video-on-demand (VOD). We found ready to use solution like Wowza, Red5 and NGINX-PLUS. But all of them are expensive. So decide to build a ourselves.

Our solution is based on NGINX with RTMP plugin, FFMPEG, PYTHON and combined with a custom PHP script to automate the process. As the result, we have a ready to use solution, UKKA. And now we are pleased to share our solution with you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at support @ or skype me (dodywic).

Dody Rachmat WicaksonoFounder

Mobile ready

UKKA offers HLS video streaming standard that play well on desktop and mobile devices without need any additional plugins.

Easy integration

Easily integrate with any CMS by using HTML embed code, including wordpress. All you need to do is to copy and paste the HTML code.

Cost effective

No more paying overpriced video hosting provider. Now you can use your own VPS / dedicated server to host your own video content.

Introducing UKKA

Video On Demand Streaming Software

UKKA is a software that will help you to setup and manage self-hosted video on demand streaming easily and cost effectively. Having self-hosted video content allows you to gain full control of the videos. You can host more videos, ads-free and use your own brand to increase credibility.

Feature Highlights


Single video or bulk import from youtube


HTML 5 player run on web, mobile web and native ios and android apps, no need any other plugins


Multiple video quality, offer manual selection and adaptive video streaming, automatically select the best video streaming experience based on network condition.


HTML embed code to integrate with any other CMS


Play anywhere with direct video streaming URL


  • Gain full controls
  • Show your brand (*require paid version of flowplayer)
  • Ads-free
  • Increase credibiltiy
  • Offer high quality video player
  • Playable on any players
  • Cost effective


  • HLS VOD standard
  • Play well on desktop and mobile
  • Adaptive video streaming
  • Multiple bitrate streaming
  • Manual video quality selection
  • Easy CMS integration
  • Import youtube videos

Import single or bulk youtube videos

Easy import video from youtube. Bulk import help you to import multiple youtube videos at once.

HTML embed code

Use HTML embed code to integrate with any CMS

Play anywhere

UKKA use HLS VOD standard. Play anywhere on any HTML 5 player or standalone video streaming software like VLC.

Easy installation

  1. Prepare a new VPS / dedicated server
    The OS must be vanilla Ubuntu 17.04, without Apache, NGINX, PHP and MySQL. The installer will install and configure them. For other OS installation please contact us.
  2. Connect to the VPS via SSH as root account
  3. Enter the following command line:
    bash <(wget -qO-
  4. Enter the license key and domain name
    You may obtain the license key here. If you do not want to use domain name, enter the IP address.
  5. Wait until it finish

Video Tutorials

How to import single video

How to import multiple videos

Export video list to text file

How to play video streaming with VLC

How to integrate with wordpress

Using WP ALL IMPORT PRO plugin to import multiple videos at once

Demo WordPress Site

This demo website uses 3rd party premium theme with some modifications. We imported UKKA video list data to wordpress normal post. But instead of using the embed code, it utilitize wordpress custom fields in order give us a greater flexibility.

Visit demo site:


  • SIngle Domain
  • Number of domains
  • Use on client sites
  • Pricing
  • Yearly Renewal
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited
  • NO
  • US$499
  • US$99

If you are not ready, try the free trial version here.

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